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No property owner wants to find out that they have a mold problem. Mold can make your property value plummet and cause a variety of unpleasant issues, so it should be dealt with quickly. Rely on Air-RX Professional Duct Cleaning and Air Solutions for efficient mold removal in Tyler, TX. We also perform mold remediation to keep the problem from coming back.

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Watch out for these common signs of mold

Watch out for these common signs of mold

If you notice unusual health issues that are limited to your home or business, mold could be the culprit. You should get mold testing services if:

  • You have allergy-like symptoms
  • You have unexplained respiratory problems
  • You have dry skin or rashes

Once our mold remediation process is finished, your air quality will be drastically improved. Call us today at (903) 830-5118 if you think you have mold in your property.